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With over 13 years of experience in website sales and development, JLC Web has grown to meet the needs of today's internet.

In the "olden days", when websites first started being used, it was considered impressive to have a website that basically looked like a business card.  Obviously, times have changed.  Today's internet requires websites to have dynamic content, interactive capabilities and professional layouts.  Websites have now become "employees" who work for your business/organization 24x7x365.

Our custom web-based programming and database solutions provide the tools that you need to support and improve operations.  Our custom-designed layouts offer the visual appeal required by today's standards.  Our hosting solutions provide speed, reliability and flexibility.

In addition to superior website development, we firmly believe in "service after the sale". JLC provides marketing assistance once your website is in place to be sure it's producing the desired results.


Email Issues : As the Belt Tightens

In a worldwide effort to reduce spam, everyone everywhere is "tightening up" on email security.

Unfortunately, this can result in legitimate emails being rejected, and you may receive "undeliverable" or "return to sender" messages from individuals that you were previously able to email without issue.

In some cases, you may even receive notification in the returned message that you're on a scary-sounding "blacklist".

If you're a JLC Web customer and are experiencing email issues, chances are that we can help.  Contact us by phone (478.319.2695) or email to see if we can provide assistance.

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